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Our next issue was supposed to be finished in March, but it was pushed back to April, and might be to May because we don’t have enough articles YET. Do you have a forensic lab/exercise/activity your students love? Write us! We pay our authors! We need 5-7 pieces  to make an issue, and we need your help. Our writer’s guidelines are Here. We need your support to move forward.

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#31.Making sense of the mess at a crash scene is front and center in this issue. We’ve also got a cool end-of-the-year summative hands on assessment, a tape perforation lab, an STR DNA activity your students will sink their teeth into, and one of the easiest, sweetest decomp exercises ever. Plus a Mini Mystery, Summer Reading Book Reviews,New Products What’s Going On, a Photo Mystery, The Morgue Guy, Stoopid Criminals, and more.


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#32. An interview with Skip Palenik, an amazing trace microscopist, a lab about melting and burning fibers, another about fabric weaves, a webquest that links DNA to isotopes, an activity for footwear impressions in the snow, a way to compute time since death that doesn’t involve math, and a way to let your students use 21st century techniques on the 19th century Lizzie Borden case. Plus a Mini Mystery, What’s Going On, a Photo Mystery, The Morgue Guy, Stoopid Criminals, and more.