On the first Saturday of each May, Baskerville heId its annual Craft & Bake Fair on the large, open playground behind the elementary school!. In colorful booths and tents were displayed handmade stitchery and sculpture, along with Horne baked breads, cookies, cakes, and pies.

Thomas P. Stanwick always enjoyed the chance to buy delectables and see friends and neighbors at the fair. This year, however, an investigation in Royston kept him from the fairgrounds until late in the afternoon. Once there, he visited several displays. His last stop was a large, open tent that had several tables of baked goods.

Three elderly ladies named Frieda, Gertie, and Hazel were behind one table talking busily among themselves. The table had a cherry pie in the center and a blueberry pie in the back right corner. Stanwick knew all three women and greeted them cheerily.

“Good day, ladies!” he said. “Only two pies left, I see. Whose are they?

“Why, Thomas,” replied Frieda, “we were just trying to remember that ourselves, so that the unsold pies can go home with their bakers. We each made an apple, a blueberry, and a cherry, you see, but didn’t label them by owner. The sale money went into the charity pot.”

“So you had nine pies, and sold seven,” said Stanwick. “How were they placed on the table?”

“We had three rows of three pies each,” replied Gertie. “Each row had one of each type of pie. Only one or two of my pies were sold.”

“Each of us had one pie in the front row,” said Hazel. “Gertie had two pies in the middle row, I remember. I also remember that my apple and my blueberry were sold l’m not sure about my cherry.”

Stanwick chuckled as he took out his wallet. “The question is moot,” he said, “since I will buy the two remaining pies. They look delicious. With the help of a little logic, however, I can tell you who baked them.” Who baked which remaining pies?

WHO BAKED THE REMAINING PIES? Scroll down for the answer.

Mini Mystery Solution:

At least one of the remaining pies was baked by Gertie, who had sold only one or two. She had had one pie in the front row and two in the middle row, so the blueberry pie in the back row could not have been hers. She had therefore baked the cherry pie in the center. The blueberry pie in the back was not baked by Gertie or by Hazel, who had sold hers. It was therefore baked by Frieda.

Stan Smith was the author of three books of Stanwick mini-mysteries that have been published in nine languages and sold over 120,000 copies.

By Stan Smith