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It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Mark Feil, my husband, and the creator and editor of The Forensic Teacher Magazine. Back issue CDs and individual issues are still available for purchase but I ask your patience in receiving any orders during this difficult time.
Thank you for supporting The Forensic Teacher Magazine.

Tammy Feil

#37: This issue features a how to guide for using skeletal remains to quickly set up a forensic anthropology lab, a review of some of the most popular subscription box mysteries, a ready to go template your students can use for case studies, and a murder mystery designed to stimulate small group discussion and problem-solving. Plus, we rounded up several dozen cool forensic novelty items, true crime books, and forensic podcasts you somehow went your entire career not knowing about, but now you’re going to have to have. And that’s on top of the Mini Mystery, What’s Going On, Photo Mystery, The Morgue Guy, Stoopid Criminals, and everything else you’ve come to expect.

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